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Annual Oasis Homeschool Panel Q & A - April 14

Wondering how to begin homeschooling? Curious what a homeschool graduate has to say? Want to hear from parents that have been homeschooling for years? Looking for answers from a dad’s perspective?

You won’t want to miss Oasis Homeschool Support Group’s Annual Homeschool Panel on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm at The Gathering Place Church in Paw Paw. The panel will include a homeschool graduate, a relatively new homeschooler and a few seasoned homeschoolers. This popular Q & A session will do it’s best to answer all your homeschooling questions. If you have had something on your heart and mind and don’t know who to ask – this night is for you!

We are pleased to have Tami Webb as our moderator for this event. Tami is a homeschool veteran and is graduating her 3rd son this year! She is also one of the founding members of Oasis Homeschool Support!

Panel members biographies:

Kim Patrie - Kim and her husband Mark have been homeschooling since 1993. 3 of their 5 boys are now done with their "school" careers and are functioning, compassionate, involved adults making a difference in their community. Kim and her family started down the path of unschooling 10 years ago, and haven't looked back. When not running kids around to activities and classes, you can find Kim knitting, reading, or enjoying the great outdoors with her family. Kim lives in Kalamazoo.

Lindsey Follman - Lindsey was homeschooled from 3rd - 12th grade. She is a local homeschool graduate who is very involved with her church and her love for Jesus. While homeschooled she participated in HPA (Homeschool Performing Arts) for 5 years, choir, drama, debate and high-school dance. She is looking forward to answering your questions!

Christy Buss -My name is Christy Buss and I am an “accidental homeschooler.”  I studied Biology before going to law school, then moved to Chicago and worked in commercial litigation . . . all of which were much easier than homeschooling four young boys!  My husband and I moved back to my hometown of Louisville, KY nine years ago when our oldest son, Jack, was born.  We moved to the Kalamazoo area in August of 2012.  We made the decision at that time to homeschool (while moving, starting a new job, and having a baby . . .  what were we thinking!), as we had become familiar with the idea because Jack had spent two years at Highlands Latin School in Louisville.  Highlands Latin School is a classical Christian school which was founded by the authors of the Memoria Press curriculum and utilizes a two and three day per week elementary school system.  The rest of the week the children work at home.  Our experience with HLS gave me some confidence that I could take the reins full time.

I say “accidental” because clearly homeschooling was God’s plan and not mine.  But this past year-and-a-half has been an amazing journey where I have learned more academically than I ever thought possible, but where I have also learned more about myself than sometimes I would like.  I struggle daily with my perfectionist nature and my tendency to think of my children’s achievements as a reflection of me instead of a reflection of God.  I love teaching science and history, but I am bored to tears teaching reading.  I love learning alongside the older boys, yet I feel daily guilt that my preschooler and toddler often get my attention leftovers.  I am so excited that Vicki asked me to be on this panel as I love having real conversations about real life with real homeschoolers!

Andrea and Chad Boelman - We have 4 children; ages 11, 9, 5, & 1.  We have been homeschooling for 7 years – starting with our oldest with “preschool at home”.  As the time for school started getting closer, we felt God laying the thoughts and desires of homeschooling on both of our hearts, more and more.  With some research and lots of reading, we decided to give it a “go”, taking each year at a time.  Now, 7 years later, we can’t imagine anything different.  Some days are rough- some seasons are rough – some years are rough!  But God’s grace is amazing!  And we are loving our homeschooling journey. 

Andrea was an elementary teacher prior to having children.  So we began our homeschooling with a school-style structure.  Each year has brought about several changes.  And now the “look” of our homeschool is quite different than the way we started.  We are now enjoying an eclectic approach. 

With 3 kids working on school and a toddler keeping us on our toes, life seems to be a whirlwind these days.  But we are ever so grateful that God called us to this and that we followed Him on this path.  To have this time to pour into the hearts of our children and influence them more than the world, is a blessing beyond words. 

Both moms and dads are welcome! Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

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Hope to see you there!

Bonnie Snell & Vicki Girard

Oasis Team Leadership


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